Basic training: Child to a Healthier Weight

Basic training: Child to a Healthier Weight

How do you, as a municipality, strengthen the cooperation between the social and healthcare domain? And do you work on tackling health problems from a broad perspective? At JOGG, we work with a broad network of municipalities, social organisations and businesses to create a society in which all children and young people grow up healthy. We do this by making the environments in which children frequent healthier. For example, by providing a healthier diet and sufficient exercise space. And by giving individual support to children who are overweight or obese. With the approach Child to a Healthier Weight, attention is also paid to individual, social problems that cause or maintain an unhealthy lifestyle. Is your municipality considering implementing the approach? We would like to invite policy makers to participate in the three-part basic training programme Child to Healthy Weight.

Child to Healthy Weight in brief

In this training, we explain in brief how the approach of Child to Healthy Weight works. An important starting point in the approach is to take a broad look at the personal circumstances of the child and the family. Are there problems that cause or perpetuate the excess weight?

A central care provider finds out and then involves the right professionals from the care and social domain.

Want to know more about the approach? Here you will find more information or watch the webinar.

Basic training

Is your municipality considering implementing the approach? Are you looking for:

inspiration and motivation to make that choice;
develop a clear image and feeling for the approach (what it really is);
which building blocks are important for a good start and securing the approach;
sparring with other municipalities
concrete steps and tools.
We would like to invite policy officers (health and/or youth) to attend the three-part basic training course ‘Kind naar Gezonder Gewicht’. Sign up now!

When and where?

All sessions can be followed online via Zoom.

Part 1: Thursday 19 May, 09.00 – 12.00 hrs.
Part 2: Thursday 16 June, start 09.30 – 12.00
Part 3: Thursday 7 July, start 09.30 – 12.00

What can you expect?

In three meetings we will work with each other on the approach Child to a Healthier Weight. We make sure you start with a clear view on the approach and its different components. We work towards a concrete action plan that you can start working with in your own community. Together, we explore everyone’s own situation, obstacles and resources. There is a lot of room for mutual sparring and exchange with the trainer and other speakers. The meetings can be followed online.

For whom?

If you recognise yourself in the description above and you have not yet started with Kind naar Gezonder Gewicht. This training course is available to both municipalities which are already working with the JOGG approach and municipalities which are not yet part of our work network. So if you are a policy officer, please register now via Maximum 12 participants per group.

If your municipality is already working with the JOGG approach, we advise the JOGG policy officers and JOGG directors to join as a couple and to register via the JOGG wiki.

By whom?

The training is given by Madeline van Riemsdijk. She is affiliated to JOGG as a Child to Weight expert. Besides being an experienced trainer, she also supports municipalities in various Kind naar Gezonder Gewicht issues and the implementation of the approach.

At least three weeks before the start of the training, you will receive information to go through. Until then, you can find out more by visiting

 Want to sign up?

Send an email to before 28 April 2022, stating ‘basic training Kind naar Gezonder Gewicht’ and giving your name, position and the municipality where you work. Any questions or remarks?  Please contact Rianne de Ridder at 06-57024875 or by email at