Bulgarian association for the study of obesity and related disease

BASORD promotes healthy nutrition, informs the general public including the disadvantaged population, on the problems of adult and childhood obesity and has created a network of nutrition and obesity specialists targeting health inequalities. It collaborates with IASO for the organisation of SCOPE courses in Bulgaria and is a partner of EU projects such as DiOGenes and DIETS. It has strong relations with the main Bulgarian mass-medias and the Bulgarian Radio is official partner of the campaigns.

Our involvement

by Svetoslav Handjiev

Svetoslav Handjiev is the coordinator of EPHE project in Bulgaria. He is involved in the scientific evaluation of the data as well as to create and promote different tools on healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle for children and adults. He is directly involved in the coordination of “School for health – for children, adults and teachers” (under the patronage of Ministry of Health) which is held once per year. Together with Teodora Darlenska and Aneliya Kuzeva, they disseminate EPHE activities through different mass-media initiatives.