Country: Portugal
City: Maia

“Maia Menu Saudável” (Maia Healthy Menu) is a nutrition education programme by the Education and Health Division of Maia Municipality. This project aims to promote the acceptance of healthy foods that are commonly rejected by children in school lunches, like vegetables, fish and fruit.

“Maia Menu Saudável” joined the European Project EPHE in 2012, together with 6 other European countries, as the only non-EPODE-based programme. Its goals are however similar: the promotion of healthy lifestyles by children, through healthy eating habits, sleep hygiene and regular physical activity.

Although the official EPHE-activities only take place in two school centres (SC): Gandra SC and Vermoin/Gueifães (SC), all 41 elementary schools of the municipality are involved in the Maia Healthy Menu programme.


A fun-filled day with yoga classes, a pick-nick stand and a bike to win.

In Portugal, “EPHE & Maia Menu Saudável“ was there to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer. All children and parents were gathered in the community park for a fun-filled day and old-fashioned pick-nick, to stimulate outdoor activities and healthy snacks. Watch the video to learn the yoga poses yourself.