Country: Bulgaria

Elina Golemanova

Healthy Kids in Bulgaria is a long-term sustainable project implemented in 3 regions in the capital, Sofia. It is school-based program providing in- and after-school activities and weekend family celebrations. As part of the program, children and parents participate in nutrition, sports and healthy lifestyle activities and games.

Healthy Kids in Bulgaria promotes an active lifestyle and balanced nutrition in primary schools. The programme targets children aged 7 to 13 years, their parents and teachers.

Local stakeholders are activated through health classes, informational materials, social marketing, celebrity endorsement, motivation activities, research and analysis – in accordance with the school schedules and most of them implemented during the school classes.

Its objectives are multiple:

  • The promotion of physical activity, healthy nutrition, water consumption and sleep time importance
  • The introduction to a healthy diet, aiming to educate children about healthy food choices and an active lifestyle
  • The creation of conditions for healthy lifestyles in school
  • The activation of opinion leaders and local actors


Sports activities and games.

One of the most popular athletes in Bulgaria – Tereza Marinova, Olympic champion in athletics gave open lesson to the children of 104 schools in Sofia. Tereza gave active lifestyle advises and motivated the children to do more sports in their daily routine.

Healthy Cooking activities for the children, supported by professional chefs.

In Bulgaria, Healthy Kids stimulated +500 children to participate in a cooking event, coinciding with the European Day for Healthy Cooking with Children. Click on the video to see what great meal they helped prepare.


Kids Athletics tournament and family picnic in the school yard.

On April 17th Healthy Kids in Bulgaria celebrated the International Sports Day with a family celebration in the school yard. All children from the school participated in Kids Athletics tournament, divided in teams. Each team was formed by children from all ages and the bigger ones helped the smaller in the games. All parents, teachers and local community participated in the celebration. The active day finished with open-air picnic, prepared by the parents in the school yard.

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