Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim

The Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim hosts a famous research centre for prevention of overweight Zwolle (OPOZ), which has a main aim to support and carry out research for the development, implementation and evaluation of the Zwolle Healthy city programme.The city of Zwolle is the first EPODE-like city (JOGG-city) in the Netherlands.The key aspect of the research team in Zwolle is the strong collaboration with professionals in the area of obesity prevention and management, including the community health services and the municipal council.

Our involvement

Dr. Tommy Visscher


Dr. Visscher is responsible for the data-collection in Zwolle, and the translation of the EPHE-questionnaire into Dutch. He visits the scientific board meetings and supports the main researcher Krystallia Mantziki when developing her research papers based on EPHE.

Our involvement

by Dr. Ingrid Bakker

Dr. Ingrid Bakker is responsible for the interventions and the communciation to schools, in a strong collaboration with the local Community Health Services (Wietske Huismans). Dr. Ingrid Bakker visits the Operational board meetings.