Why you can’t yell at a child

Why you can’t yell at a child: psychologists have named important reasons

Many parents yell at their children just because they themselves have experienced such a traumatic experience.

For this reason, it seems to adults that there is nothing critical in raising the voice.

However, we cannot fully appreciate the consequences of screaming if our parents did not hesitate to use this strange method of education and persuasion.

Why You Shouldn’t Yell at Children

Problem with emotions

Shouting has a devastating effect on the psyche. A child who is yelled at by his parent begins to experience emotional problems.

Often later this can lead to the manifestation of unjustified aggression and even cruelty, experts say.

If a child grows up in an atmosphere of love and understanding, then this has a positive effect on the child’s psyche.

Complicated Relationships

It is difficult for young children to understand why beloved parents start yelling at him. After all, you can explain your position intelligibly with normal intonation.

Over time, this becomes the reason for the distance of the child. It will be possible to fully assess the consequences of an incorrect method of education during puberty.

It is also worth understanding that with a broken emotional connection with their parents, adult children will treat their parents very coolly.

Other consequences

Some scientists believe that the cry of parents can even worsen physical health, leading to problems with the nervous system. These children are often sick and prone to chronic diseases.

A smart child eventually realizes that mom and dad are only screaming because they don’t have “real” arguments. Because of this, respect for parents is lost.