family bullying

Family bullying: how to determine that you went too far with education

Psychologists urge parents to learn to distinguish parenting from family bullying

Children very often become victims of bullying not only from their peers, but also from adults – a despotic teacher or a demanding mother, who in fact can only be guided by good intentions.

The main problem lies in the fact that adults often do not notice the damage caused to the physical and mental health of the child: the main thing is that the object of education becomes subordinate, predictable and successful, from their point of view. But this success, according to Life’s interlocutor, is illusory and temporary: the suppression of any material leads to fatigue, resistance and wear.

In practice, a twisted spring will sometime burst. Suppressed spiritual energy will find a way out in protest or self-destruction of the body, triggering psychosomatic, mental or somatic illnesses. The success achieved by bullying will also eventually end. An unhealthy or insecure person cannot be successful.

Any child, according to psychologists, enters adolescence with all the “bonuses” of the crisis period. Here, even without obsessive upbringing, a rethinking of values ​​and the formation of character takes place, a complex attitude arises towards one’s changing appearance. And then there is the mother-aggressor, like a tank, coming with her program, not noticing the actual problems of the child.

A bullying teenager is easily recognizable by the symptoms of emotional stress: depression, anxiety, withdrawal, malnutrition, sleep, learning ability. Previously liberated and open, a person stops sharing experiences and does not leave the room.

Of course, it is very important for any parent to know what is happening in the head and life of the child, because any upbringing can only be built on trust. Mom or dad should remember the parable of the prodigal son and tell their teenager: “Share with me everything you can, please, my child.” Only in this case, experts insist, will a happy adult grow from a happy child.